The Kiddos

Remember those family road trips, the family vacations to your grandparents, or those crazy summer camping trip adventures? We are the authors of the HMO-Kids edition blog. We are bringing you our side of life.  We are three siblings apart of a much larger family. A family of eight to be exact. We are on the road and currently being homeschooled . We have moved to our newest base of operations is in Davenport Iowa bringing you some laughter for those hard days, or advice to motivate you to be a better self. SnapseedOur journey started all the way up in the heart of Alaska, Fairbanks. We thought we would be spending the rest of our lives there until Mother’s Day 2017. We were scattered around our house when we heard our mom Erica say, “Hey, let’s go sell eggs in Italy.” We made our way to the kitchen where she was residing to get an explanation for such a random statement. “This village in Italy needs new life.” she said. She should us she had been reading on Facebook. It was a post saying that the Mayor of a small village in Italy was willing to pay for people to go to Italy, get a home and work there. We were all surprisingly on board with this so Erica got to researching. It turned out the Mayor of Italy wasn’t paying people to go to Italy and was tired of getting phone calls about it. We were all disappointed but that didn’t stop us. Since we were so willing to drop everything and leave Erica had another idea. Erica’s parents had been trying to get our family to move down South for quite sometime so it was decided then we would head down there until further notice. Once there we went straight to work on our next big idea, travel the 50 states! We looked around for the right travel trailer to carry us on such a journey but no dice. So we were stationed there for the time being. Since then we have moved to Iowa and continue to look for a moving home. While doing so we decided to share our journey to the world through motivation, success tips, cooking, baking and short stories!