Positive, kind, happy, smart, ambitious, and creative. I like to think these are the qualities that are attached to me. Most people who just read that last sentence are probably thinking ‘what does she mean?’. Well, I say that because life puts people and events into my path that, as a result, those qualities have attached themselves to me. If those people and events hadn’t been thrown into my path I wouldn’t be the positive, kind, happy, smart, ambitions, and creative sixteen year old girl I am today.

          My family has probably had the biggest impact on my qualities. They are full of creativity and ambition. We always try to stay positive and kind in any situation. I also believe that we are a very smart group of individuals, even if we make our occasional mistake just like everyone else. Though to make us happy it doesn’t take much. All it takes is family, books for knowledge, art for creativity, and the world that’s already at our fingertips.


( If you can’t tell, the thing that make us happy is just the recipe for never ending adventures!)


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