Get Ready World!

I am a simple girl with simple needs, but now my once simple life is get rocked right before my eyes. It all started with Italy. The idea was to move to Italy and get paid to do it, awesome I know. While all of us were surprisingly on board with it and some already packing their suitcases and carry-ons we got the unfortunate news that the mayor of the town we were planning to move to did not like the idea as much as we did. This put our fantasy of living on a small Italian farm to a screeching halt. Soon we continued with our days as usual until Erica came up with a wonderful idea to move closer to her mother, our grandmother, in South Carolina. The gears in our mind clanked back to life with the idea of a new Nelson-Powell adventure. Two months later and we have now become successfully homeless and continue our plan of world domination.





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