Last Day

 As you may know, the family and I were in Iowa for a while. Well I’m going to tell you a little story about our last day. 
Our last day had scheduled a BBQ, going out on the river, and an amazing sleepover. The BBQ was great! Everyone brought over spectacular dishes. Dishes so good that eating any other meal before dinner became a mistake. So by the time we had finished eating we’d all had little food babies. Later we decided to take the speedboat out and go tubing. Though when we got back we found out that Lawna had peed on the boat seat. Ewww! Soon after that my mom, Lawna, and I all went out on the wave runner in which I believe Lawna then peed again but on me this time. The reasoning behind why I believed she peed on me again was because when we were tubing the water was indeed cold. So when we were on the wave runner, after we hit a wave, the water then became slightly warmer. Sometimes when you get in the water it can be but then it gets slightly warmer because you just get used to it. Well not incidentally… right? Yeah so as you can see I definitely tried to come up with a better explanation. 

That night we got to have an over night movie night at the neighbors, Jeff, Kristi and their great kids Kelly and Ben. Thank you so much for the great time. Miss you and hope we can see you soon

– Carlee

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