Get Ready World! pt.2

Continuing on our previous topic of becoming homeless, I will now tell you the steps it took to get us there. As we got closer to our moving deadline and the realization that I was leaving the only place I have lived for the past 15 years, it was decided we should get to the packing bit of the whole moving thing. Since I am a teenager I have collected many things in my short period of life and had decided I felt no connection to these things and was excited at the prospect of becoming a minimalist. It was far from easy though to get rid of my useless trinkets, like shoes and birthday cards. Once I got rid of all the things I knew I could live without, my biggest challenge stared me down, my books. If you know me you know I love books. Not that I just love books that I have a whole shelf dedicated to them and only them, but that I would also take a bullet for one… Literally risk my life for the pursuit of reading. Maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get what I am saying. I. Love. Books. So it was really hard for me to part with them but I did my best. Clothes were easy to part with but if you ask Erica I may have a small clothes obsession too. It felt like I was on the TV show, Tiny House Nation and John Weisbarth was forcing me to shove all of my most precious possessions in one small tote, which soon translated into four small U-Haul boxes. All in all I now have four boxes, a carryon bag and a black tote full of all of my Earthly belongings. Pretty good if you ask me.


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