The Zoo Review 

           About a week ago we went to the Niabi Zoo in Rock island, Illinois and experienced the wonders inside. One of our favorite parts about the zoo was the koi pond. As many of you know koi fish love to eat those little brown pebble things and we could tell by the size of these fish that they were well loved. We were sure that any koi fish there could have eaten one of the many ducks that swam alongside them. Some other exhibits we liked were the leopards, panthers, and Siberian tigers. They would walk right up to the glass so the Littles could easily see them. We also liked the ocean exhibit. We learned how we can help clean and maintain the ocean. We also learned some fun facts about octopi, like that they are solitary creatures and the males die after mating. This part really was especially great because it connected to our ocean unit for homeschool that we recently started. 

            Like other zoos the Niabi Zoo had a plethora of animals like giraffes, snakes, eagles and those amazing big cats we loved. They also had a cute train ride attraction that took you around the whole zoo and a carousel with loads of animals. When we rode the carousel it became hard to decide which animal to ride because of all the choices they had. Choices like seahorses, black panthers, gorillas and even an eagle. There was also a playground, that was our mom’s favorite part. When all was said and done, the day had reached an alarming temperature so she got us all popsicles while we sat in the shade and sent the Littles off to play on the playground. After our experience we decided the zoo was a fun and memorable trip. We would recommend it to anyone visiting the Quad cities in Illinois. 

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