Join Summa Success 

           Hey guys, we’ve joined Summa Success and it’s been AMAZING! We joined just about the same time as when we started this blog. For those of you who don’t know what Summa Success is well, I feel bad that we haven’t brought it up sooner. Summa Success was made by a fifteen year old kid named Caleb Maddix. The program is made up of a daily video and a monthly book that will truly inspire both kids and the parents who follow the program along with their kids. I deeply recommend that everyone reading this to sign up. You won’t regret it. 

           A few days ago I was in the store shopping for some house supplies with my mom and I saw this kid complaining. The kid was so upset that his mom wouldn’t buy him the toy car. Which just by the way he was acting I could tell it was because he wasn’t being good and the yawn kind of gave it away. The whole ordeal reminded me of the Maddix daily video we had just watched about how attitude is everything. In the same video he gives great examples for how to make a situation positive that others would see as negative and that in that very same situation there is an opportunity.

           Something from this post I hope you take with you is that Summa Success is the NUMBER ONE MOVEMENT FOR KIDS WHO WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL and that there are people, programs and books out there that can help you achieve your goals to become successful but only if you are willing to take on that challenge.



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