The Mississippi And The Wondrous Things In It.

Our mom, Erica, calls us River Rats. The reason behind this is because we spend countless hours swimming and meandering in the mississippi river. Well today was just like every other day we decided to go swimming, though this time me and my older sister Carlee decided the task of taking of our clothes and putting on a swimsuit was too much for us and decided to watch from the comfort of the dock. As time went on the youngest sibling got out the the oldest took her in for the bath, it was now just my second youngest sister Jocelyn, my little brother Parker, and me. It sprinkled some which wasn’t too bad, not as bad as the horrors that awaited us. The wind picked up and I noticed a bottle in the water, Seriously with the pollution, I thought.

Me: “Parker can you go get me that bottle?”

Parker: “Uh… sure.” he said hesitantly. He swam towards the bottle and then came to a complete stop not two feet from it.

Me: “Parker just grab it.”

Parker: “Uh, Sophia I don’t think that’s a bottle.”

Me: “Well bring over here so we can see what it is.”

Parker: “I don’t think I wanna- oh my gosh, it stinks.” he gaged.

At this point Jocelyn was becoming standoffish.

J: “I think I am ready to get out now.”

Me: “Alright, but we are gonna get that thing out, whatever it is.” Once everyone was safely out of the water, I fashioned myself with a broom and two paper plates that were conveniently in the trash can stationed on the dock. The current had bought what ever was in the water closer to us so I plunged the broom in the water and scooped it up.

J: “I think it’s a fish.” As I placed the lifeless creature on the dock, I was instructing parker to go get Erica between my gags.

Me: “OHMYGOSH, that is so not a fish!” I looked over my shoulder to see Erica was now on the dock, and one look at the creture and she hid safely behind the couch. ( ya, my papa has a couch on his dock, I know)

Me: “A racoon?” I asked as I poked the creature with one of my paper plates. Living in Alaska I didn’t see to many animals besides the occasional bear, voles, and moose, I see A LOT of moose.

Erica: “Not a raccoon,”  she whispered, “opossum.” she said, thick with disgust. She took a quick pick and sent it to our dad as I was trying to find cause of death. I had only one other close opossum encounter only a few days ago, when I had mistaken a large fuzzy figure for a cat, until a car illuminated it’s terrifying opossum face. Won’t make that mistake again.

“Cause of death, ripped esophagus, this opossum was killed in cold blood.” I said as I took the paper plates and disposed the body back into the river. That opossum gave a whole new meaning to the name River Rat. Wanna go swimming now?


So I have some photos of the opossum but it’s super gross. You have been warned.




Seriously though it’s gross so if you wan’t turn back nows the time






3 Replies to “The Mississippi And The Wondrous Things In It.”

    1. Oh, well it’s not are dad but our Granddad, we just call him Papa. I don’t really know why he has a couch on his dock, but I think it may have to do with the fact that warm day’s in Iowa and watching the Mississippi river flow by can make anyone want to stop and enjoy the scene.


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