Kayak Fishing

I was kayaking in a weird flat kayak in a slough coming off of the Mississippi River. When I started to kayak close to the open water of the Mississippi River fish started jumping in my kayak and I fell out. I got back in when all the the little fish were out of my kayak but as I was getting in more little fish jumped right back in. It was like I was kayak fishing. One of the fish that jumped in my kayak jumped into my swimsuit and that made me fall out again. By this time Sophia was coming back into the slough because she was kayaking in the Mississippi River. The reason she was coming back was because our mom and two of our sisters were making waves on the Wave runner so Sophia came in because she didn’t want to tip over. When she saw me in the water she asked how I fell in, and I told her that fish were jumping in my kayak. After that I just swam the rest of the way back to the dock and went in to take a shower.



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