Living Minimal 

    Those of you who know us personally know that we are from Alaska and are now traveling the United States. We have decided that to travel the United States we would get a travel trailer, though this means living minimal. So as the story has already begun I will catch you up on how we’re preparing for minimal living.     For the next six months we will be living in a house full of box walls and small living spaces. The term ‘box walls’ means that we have all of the stuff we had shipped from Alaska in our tiny rental house. With boxes everywhere we made walls in the living room to cut off the extra space we wouldn’t have in a travel trailer. We have also limited ourselves to only using two cabinets, a little counter space and no dishwasher in the kitchen. Our rental house only has three small bedrooms which we have divided into one for the parents, one for the only boy in the house and one for the four girls, but we aren’t using the closets! I know that some are you are thinking that we’re crazy and why would we do that. Well at the beginning of this whole thing we would have thought that this was crazy too. But after living without all of the material stuff that we had packed away, we realized that it was pretty easy to live without it. Though of course we are not getting rid of everything! There just are very few things we are keeping, like photo albums, keepsakes, toys, some kitchen utensils and of course some clothes. The keepsakes, photo albums and the few other things will have a place in storage. Unlike all of the things we thought we needed, they are going to be donated, sold, or thrown away. We have finally learned that life isn’t just about the material stuff and that it doesn’t take much to be happy. 

       Why do we have so much stuff? Why not try to see as much of the world as possible? To answer these questions is why we decided to try living minimal and travel the United States. Which I hope is just the beginning to the travels in my life. 

3 Replies to “Living Minimal ”

  1. Thought provoking! I’m so jealous that your parents are getting to do this wild adventure while most of you are young enough to share it with them. The idea of practice living in a small space is one of the most creative ideas I’ve ever heard of – and I’ve lived a pretty long life surrounded by brilliant, creative people!

    On the other hand, we’ve been renting an RV for the past two weeks, doing a long Alaskan road trip with our daughter & her husband who are visiting from The Netherlands. It has been a little tight at times. The good thing is it makes us really appreciate our RV that we keep stored in the Lower 48. We are going to be traveling for a month in October, mostly exploring the Virginias. We’ll be starting in Tennessee, then swinging to South Carolina to visit family first. If we are in the general area of your family it would be fun to cross paths.

    I’m guessing these posts are part of your homeschooling. Still, I love them, and you’ll look back on the posts years from now and realize how valuable they are. We used to keep a blog about our travels using an RV, a small plane, and promoting the art business. I wish we had kept it up. Anyway, it’s still out there if you want to take a look.

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    1. Wow Nikki hats of to you guys for taking the leap to travel around in an RV, we understand it can be a little close. I think it would be cool to cross paths and swap stories.

      Our post do have to do with some home school, but it didn’t start that way, our family has so many crazy things going on we thought we could share our experience’s and make memorable connections.

      We checked out your blog and thought it was very cool, We really liked how we knew who was talking. Maybe you should start your blog up again, we’d love to see more!


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