Myrtle Beach

A few days ago we went to myrtle beach, and it was wonderful. Like many people I absolutely love the ocean, sadly I couldn’t experience the awesomeness of the waves because a tropical storm is headed our way and we weren’t allowed to swim. We collected lots of shells though. Later that day we went to the Broadway Boardwalk. Can I just say, that place just sucks you into its void and spits you out when your wallets dry. We walked about and looked at the attractions and eventually made our way to the Paula Dean’s restaurant. The customer service was amazing and the food was even better! The cool thing about were we where sitting was that the table had a small spinning thing in the middle, so we were all sharing the same foods. Some of my favorite parts of the meal was the fried catfish with hot sauce and homes style mac & cheese. OH MY GOODNESS that mac & cheese was good, so good in fact that I didn’t leave much room for dessert. That didn’t deter me from trying though. I got my self an Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cake, which was a delicious mistake. It was so good that I got my self sick, so the rest of the day I couldn’t really enjoy the attractions because I was so focused on not vomiting. We saw the outside of the Ripley’s Aquarium, it supposedly had live mermaids, a haunted house and some other things. There was a good vibes shop I really wanted to check out but never got the chance too, and the upside building. It was a good day and I hope that next time we get to see more of what the Boardwalk has to offer.


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