Fun at the Aquarium

On Saturday we hit the road bright and early to head to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. This aquarium wasn’t the biggest in North America but it did have the deepest tank. We learned some interesting facts while watching the “aquarium’s got talent” where the special guest was a scuba diver in the tank. When the show was over we were able to admire all the interesting sea life in the deepest tank in north america. Sea life like large tuna, barracuda, four different types of sharks like the sandbar shark, nurse shark, sand tiger, and the black tipped shark. We also saw a large sea turtle. After we finished checking out the tank we headed outside to feed the manta ray. Feeding the manta ray is an experience we’re definitely not going to forget. We fed them small fish called ‘smelt’, that we placed between our index and middle fingers. We then laid our hands on the side of the tank and a whole fever (fun fact, a fever is a group of  manta ray.) came at us and sucked the fish from our fingers. It was such a strange feeling. We were able to pet them and they were very soft (Erica would like to mention that they are covered in mucus, which is why they are soft.) Soon after that we headed upstairs to the touch tank. The touch tank had one of the 119 species of dogfish shark, small monetary, and horseshoe crab which we all liked. There was another part of the touch tank which had all sorts of little creatures that the Little’s liked. There was starfish sea urchins and hermit crabs. They liked the starfish and sea urchins a lot because they would grab the girl’s fingers and wouldn’t let go. The last exhibit we saw was of an albino alligator. We learned that these types of alligators can’t survive in the wild for more than a few days. This is why the aquarium took him in and made a tank special for all his needs. While we sat by there, there was an atmosphere around the tank that reminded me (Carlee) of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. That ride happens to be my favorite ride there. We all hope are able to have sponsors to help us out so we can also experience sea world. Which would be bigger, though just as amazing as  South Carolina aquarium we were so grateful to experience.


-The Kiddos

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One Reply to “Fun at the Aquarium”

  1. This sounds like such a cool fun day/experience! Especially feeding the manga ray and touching the starfish and see urchins. Very impressed the Littles weren’t afraid to let them suck on their fingers. Leah (my 4 yo granddaughter) would have no issues with that. She picks up frogs and snakes. Kaelee (6 yo) on the other hand is more squeamish about those things. She’s fascinated watching them but won’t touch them lol. Did your mom whip out the hand sanitizer after feeling the manta? Lol

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