First monthly book from Caleb 

           I just finished our first book of the month from Caleb Maddix, called ‘Keys to Success for Kids’. First off I’d love to give a round of applause to Caleb. This applause is for the amazing book that I am so grateful to have read. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s written by someone who can connect with kids because he is a kid. Which means he knows how to talk to kids and really get them to understand what success is all about. The book was written as if Caleb were having a one on one conversation with you. When Caleb talked about goals he didn’t just say “here make a goal and do it”. He really helps you to understand what a goal really is and walks you through the steps to help you complete your goal. A goal of mine that these steps really helped with, is that I’m am writing a book series kids/teens. Caleb’s whole book is about success, so it’s really splendiferous to be reading a book by a kid who’s having success. With that I hope that I too will have success with my books just as many other great authors of kids/teen book series have had with theirs. Referring back to an earlier post about how you should all join Summa Success, if you have joined, that’s fantastic! If not, what are you waiting for? Caleb has amazing stuff on how to become successful. The next time I talk about one of Caleb’s monthly books I hope I won’t have to worry about spoilers because you will have already read it. 

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