Darlington Car Hauler Parade

We went to The Darlington Car Hauler Parade last week and it was amazing experience! We met wonderful people and made wonderful memories. To start off our evening we were greeted with live music. The music was wonderful and catchy and the band was spot on. They had booths full of everything and had stuff for kids and adults. We walked past the fire truck and instantly gravitated to the small van giving out free boiled peanuts. If you’ve never tried them don’t worry you could have a chance to win a free can, read to the end and you can find out how. We made our way to the car haulers that were getting cleaned. They were awesome. So big it was crazy. Our dad wanted to know if we wanted to ask a man sitting in his hauler if we could see the inside of the cab, but we were all too nervous. If you know our dad you know he is head strong and when he sets his mind to something he does it. He marched right up to the driver’s side and knocked on his door. At first the man was a little reluctant but let us check out his cabin. It was awesome, he had a bed, air conditioned seats, it’s 500 hp and has 13 gears. The driver’s cabin was awesome but the best part was yet to come. The driver’s name was Chris, and let me say Chris is really a cool guy (here’s a little article about him here) He showed us the back of his trailer and we got to see the back up race car and the actual race car. We also got to see the room that they use when they are doing practice runs. We accidentally started a line at Chris’s hauler and he had to tell everyone that it wasn’t a tour. Though it was funny we felt kinda bad. We walked the perimeter of the area and came to a Sheriff’s car, now Lawna has been wanting to be police officer for the past month now and she was able to meet her hero’s. She got a coin that was very personal to an officer, he only had one. The other officer showed her the inside of his car and his name was Jamie. The last officer we met was Brian, he had a K9 and i have a cool video about what his K9 does. The day was winding down and it began to rain, so we said our last goodbyes and headed out to Bojangles. We had never tried it and it was well known for it’s chicken and biscuits. Let me tell you, those biscuits were the bomb .com! Everyone needs to try it. This Parade happens every year before the race season, so if you know you will be in Darlington around that time you’ve got to go and experience it.


If you want to win boiled peanuts, two race car pens and an everything tool, Post a selfie on Instagram with a goal you have or your favorite race car driver. Tag us in the photo and we will pick a winner.

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