Becoming an Author

“Don’t cower in the face of greatness, learn to be just as great.”



In my last post I talked about a goal of mine. The goal was about becoming an author of kids and teen books. If anyone read the comments, I stated that I would not be talking about the content of my book but the point that I am writing one. With that acknowledged, I’d like to talk about how that’s going.

Almost everything that talks about goals and how to accomplish them says that you need to find others that have found success in the same area your goal is in. Such as becoming an author, you need to find other successful authors and learn from them. I’ve decided that I am going to contact as many of my favorite childhood authors as possible. A few questions I’d like the answers to are how they found success with their writing, how they were able to keep up a series, and what challenges did they face writing their first book.  Authors such as:

Mary Pope Osborne: “The Magic Treehouse”

Victoria Kann: “Pinkalicious”

Judith Schachner: “SkippyJon Jones”

Marcus Pfister: “That Rainbow Fish”

Keiko Kasza: “My Lucky Day”

JK Rowling: “Harry Potter”

I have the intent of asking as many authors my questions as possible, so please don’t be hesitant with any suggestions.  If you think of any questions you would like to ask your favorite childhood authors, please comment them below.  


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