All Souls Trilogy, By Deborah Harkness

I was introduced to the first book in the all souls trilogy about two months ago and I haven’t been able to put those books down. This book has  the perfect mix of action, adventure, romance and a supernatural element. This book is focused on our main character and her journey on finding the book of life. Throughout her journey we see her grow into the witch that she truly is. The book has a lot of fun creative obstacles that they go through like, vampires, daemons, time travel and dragons. This book was a great read but is not for all ages. I would say 14 years or older because there are some sexual themes within in the book, nothing to bad and it doesn’t dominate the book, but something parents should be aware of. I think my favorite part about reading the all souls trilogy is how you get to read as the main character and her partner grow together, the way Deborah writes its like your there with them going through those same experiences together. One other thing I liked about this book is how realistic it was to a point of course. There are mythical creatures and magic but the characters in this book go through some real life troubles and pains. This book was a good read and its really going to stink when I finish the last book because I wont know what to read next!


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