Peter Nimble and The Fantastic Eyes, by Jonathan Auxier

In this fast pacedĀ adventure novel you follow the life of a notorious thieving child named Peter Nimble. Who was abandoned shortly after birth and blinded by ravens. At the beginning of his journey a zebra helps him discover the power of the Fantastic Eyes. The eyes transport him into a magical place with talking apes, thieves, a princess and an evil king. In this new place he meets a knight and they team up to cross the seas, travel through scorching deserts and face many challenges along the way to try and find the Lost Kingdom.

We listened to the audio version of this book while traveling to Iowa and it was a great find. Right from the get go we were hooked. It was just right for the family with the perfect mix of action, adventure, comedy and magic. The book even inspired us to create works of art from our favorite scenes. This book is great for everyone, though the recommended reading age is eight and up, we agreed that listening to it is great for all ages. Jonathan Auxier did a wonderful job captivating a wide range of ages. We look forward to reading or listening to more of his work.


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