The Law Of Attraction 🤔

Today I’m going to reflect on two Summa Success videos that my sisters and I watched. The first one was titled “Visualizing Your Future” and the second was “The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work…“. In the first video Caleb mentioned an example for visualizing your future, he said to picture 200 basketball players split in half. Group A was told to practice 500 free throws every day for 30 days straight, and group B was told to Visualize making the perfect free throw with the perfect form and hand movements for 30 as well. Guess which group won? It was group B, this really shows the power of visualization. Caleb’s second video, The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work… was just a play on words. What he helps you understand is the Law of Attraction doesn’t work without the Law of Action. If you like Minecraft like I do here’s an example: you can’t just attract diamonds into your inventory without the action, going out to mine them. Now you know that if you’re wishing for your business, a house, or just a big goal to simple appear, you still have to take the action to make that goal a reality. In a future post I’ll be writing about my big goal which is to become a master chef and some of the actions I have take to reach my goal.


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