Crystals 101

By becoming a homeschooler I have been able to pursue countless interests and learn more about the things I am into. I have become a little (okay more like a lot) obsessed with crystals lately. So here is what I have dug up when learning about crystals.

Crystals are becoming more and more popular these days and many people are starting their very own crystal collection. But what many collectors don’t know is the power those crystals have. Here are some of the basics on the power of crystals.

Before we can get into the cool science stuff lets go back in time to learn the history of crystals. Crystals were first referenced in history around 4500-1900 BC when ancient Sumerians lived in southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq. It was believed that the ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magic formulas. Ancient Egyptians used many forms of crystals in their jewelry and art. The ancient Egyptians also used stones as means of protection and health. Chrysotile, which was later translated as both topaz and peridotite, were used to ward off nightmares and evil spirits. They also used stones cosmetically, using ground up galena (lead ore) as shadow for the eyes and rose quartz to enhance beauty. The word crystal comes from the Greek word ice and many of the names we use today are the same used by the Greeks. China also favored stones mostly for their beauty, making jade art pieces that represented luck. What all of these ancients agreed on when it came to crystals are it’s power of healing and enlightenment and many people are still using them today for the same reasons.


Now that we have learned about how crystals were used in the past we can talk about some of the science stuff. We know that crystals are made up of the two most abundant elements on the planet, Oxygen and Silicon. When these elements are under high amounts of pressure the atoms increase stability and form a three-dimensional repeating pattern, thus creating a crystal. When a crystal is cut or struck by another, the pressure applied generates an electrical charge. When that is applied to the quartz it distorts and when removed it creates an electrical field. It vibrates more than 30000 times per second. Considering our body is constantly producing electrical signals it makes sense how we are so connected to them. Certain crystals release certain electrical frequencies. These frequencies can interact with our own to alter our mood or to help relieve a headache. So do your research on the crystals that you have or want to get and learn about the healing processes they may have.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that one of the most abundant and widely used crystals is the Quartz? This crystal is the backbone of all computer chips and is also used in all other forms of electronics.

Here are some websites you can use to further understand crystals: Power Thoughts Meditation Club, Live Science and Crystal Age.


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