Short Story Saturday!!

Part: 1

You were walking in a forest when you happen upon a stream with fish in it that goes under a small stone bridge. At first it looks dark but then you see a light that looks like it is coming from under the bridge. So, you start to walk to this small stone bridge but when you do the light goes away. When you finally get to the bridge you get on your hands and knees and look under the bridge for what the light was coming from but, before you can get back up a ball of light comes at you and you get knocked out. When you finally wake up from the sound of rushing water you notice that there is a huge stone bridge and you are on a boulder in a river. After a few minutes of walking around the boulder you notice that there are huge fish in the river that looked exactly like the ones in the stream that you saw before you got knocked out. Just then you finally figure out what just happened. When you got hit by the ball of light it must have shrunk you so now everything that was small is now huge! Just then it starts to rain and the river’s water is starting to rise. When the water rises the fish notice you and one of them jumps up and… To Be Continued In Part Two!

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