Tips and Tricks to Motivate Yourself

I know from personal experience that motivating yourself is hard work. Especially when your goal is just for yourself and no one else. That’s why I have compiled some tips and tricks for you stay motivated.  These tips and tricks may also work for any type of goal, if it’s for you or if you are doing it so that it impacts others. 

1. Write it down

Write down what the goal is and why it’s your goal, preferably in a notebook. Though make sure that you make it short and sweet because you are going to be writing it every morning as soon as you get up. Put the notebook right next to your bed, even the hardest working people can get lazy sometimes so make sure it’s easily accessible.

2. Tell people

Tell as many people as you can because now all of those people know what your goal is and they are going to be expecting you to do it. That’s motivation all in itself, believe me I know.

3. Get your up lifters and your truth tellers

When you start to tell people about your goal make at least one of those people your up lifter and one your truth teller. These people are your backup if you need a little support or kick in the butt. Though if your  up lifter or truth teller isn’t available then trick four will be the one for you.

4. Look yourself in the mirror

When you are just not feeling it, or think that you’re good enough, or any other kind of lye or discouragement, you must look yourself in the mirror. While looking in the mirror you are going to repeat your goal and why you are doing it. You are going to tell yourself that you are not going to quite. That you will accomplish this goal no matter what happens. That you are willing to put forth the effort for what it takes to accomplish your goal.

5. Think of yourself down the road

Think about yourself a few years down the road. Are you going to be ok knowing that you gave up on your goal, of course not. Don’t let your future self blame this single moment of discouragement for the goal not getting accomplished . Get out there and make your dreams happen.


You are in charge of your fate, destiny, or just life whatever you want to call it. You are in charge. You have the power to complete your goal. You are the make it or break it. Only you can accomplish your goal, no one else is going to do it for you. You can achieve greatness but only if you believe in the power you have to accomplish it. Only then you can do anything you put your mind to.



2 Replies to “Tips and Tricks to Motivate Yourself”

  1. Thank you Carlee! This is great for anyone of any age, any circumstance.
    In my new job, the young (and even older) girls/woman I work with are born into poverty ridden, abuse filled (most, not all), low education, no way out circumstances. They have no self esteem and feel life will never be any different because they are told over and over again they are worthless and will never amount to much. It is very sad. I see girls who have so much potential, but unfortunately they can not see it in themselves, don’t see or believe they can change their circumstances, are afraid to try, afraid to change.
    I am going to use this, to see if they WILL do it, not just say they will.

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