Roller skating Fun

About a week ago we went to Skateland to see what the roller rink had to offer, we even brought our certified roller derby girl to test the waters and show us the ropes. To be honest the outside of this place looked bleak and in need of some love, but Carlee was dying to get her skates on the ground, so this was going to have to work. To my surprise the inside was a lot more inviting and colorful. We got our wristbands that let us in and grabbed our skates. I am no ballerina on skates mind you, I have actually been referred to as a clumsy giraffe on skates. So as my name implied I was not very gracious on the rink and kept to the center with my little sister, using her as a crutch of course. Eventually more people pooled in. Our family being introverted like we are stayed in a tight pack never straying far from one another. Of course the pros came out and showed us how it was done, spinning and jumping here to there. Soon it was time for limbo and our dad (Sol) decided to show the kids who was boss, but his big butt cost him and he hit the pole on his fifth time around. He did good though.  There was more free skating and then the races started. Our jaws dropped, these two girls were skating while on their phones the whole time! It was really weird to see, and kind of sad. After all the events were finished we skated some more, and this boy my age came up to me and asked if I would like one of his airhead candies, I politely said yes and he told me I was cute and I almost choked on the candy in my mouth. I don’t know about other girls but being called cute always makes me really nervous. After a successful day of burning calves and big smiles we went home and ate some delicious grub. It was a good way to end the day I think.


One thought on “Roller skating Fun

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Sophia! I’m not sure I would have even made it to the center of the rink, lol. I too would be a giraffe on skates!
    I understand how this guy calling you cute would make you nervous, but I see as a compliment to you 😊

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