Short Story Saturday! 🗿🌉

When we left off a fish jumped out of the water and tried to eat you but you moved out of the way.

Part 2:

After another fish jumps you notice that there is a stick going across the rock you are standing on to the bank. So you run across the stick with great speed so the fish won’t notice you. When you get across the stick you notice that you are on the opposite side you started on. You try to make your way to the stone bridge but the rain is making it difficult, so you head into the forest for shelter. When you get into the forest a little bit you see a light flickering light like a fire or a candle so you walk towards it. When you start to get closer you notice that the light is coming from a small house made in the bottom of a tree! You run up to it and knock on the door. Knock Knock, after you hear several locks unlock the door opens and you see a hedgehog wearing an old looking dress like a person. When the hedgehog sees you she quickly grabs you and pulls you inside and gives you a towel and locks the door again. After you are inside you see another hedgehog sitting on a little sofa by a fireplace reading a little newspaper. Just before she says something to you (and yes, animals can now talk to you) the other hedgehog looks up and says something to the female hedgehog you don’t understand then looks back at you. The female hedgehog tries to say something to you but everything goes dark and you fall to the ground… To Be Continued In Part Three Of The Stone Bridge!

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