The Nightlife of Downtown Florence, South Carolina

We were first drawn to downtown Florence because of an outdoor concert our Dad had heard about. Which just happened to be Painted Man, a live music band that plays everything from Motown to Today’s hits. We danced and sang along like no one was watching us, even though they probably were. After becoming successfully winded, we decided to see what the streets of downtown Florence had to offer. Walking up and around the downtown streets we saw so many amazing things. We saw these two gardens, squares, courtyards, whatever you call them. We don’t know what they’re actually called but there were plants, benches and fountains in between these large buildings. We saw abandoned buildings and some beautiful exposed brick buildings. After seeing so much exposed brick we literally fell in love with it. Along our walk we came across an old building that we couldn’t exactly tell if it was an old fire station or not. The building brought out our parent’s idea of “What if we lived in a fire station?”. This lead to some cool ideas that we’re sure will come up in another post. Soon we had to cross the street to go back up the other side but just crossing the street was not on Lawna’s mind. She just HAD to take a picture on the yellow lines right in the middle of the street. Of course we obeyed and waited for the cars to pass by before we took a picture but being the little dare-devil she is she posed so many times that we ended up having to run the rest of the way across the street so we wouldn’t get hit by a car (of course the car wasn’t actually that close). We saw some alleys that were really creepy and there were cockroaches galore, sorry Palmettos. We also met a couple of really nice people and listened to an awesome reggae band. The reggae band was inside a bar so we had to stand outside and watch through the window, either way they sounded really good. Soon after we went back to the van to drive home, or so we thought. We passed what looked like an old school and now even after a Google search we’re not sure what it is but it sparked some creepy ideas and stories. Then we happened to see that Krispy Kreme was still open so of course we stopped to get some. Why even ask such a silly question? With our donut filled bellies, laying in bed we decided that we had a really great time! Thank you Downtown Florence for a great Friday night adventure!

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