Burning Water

As some of you may know, a few months ago I was not a great cook. You could probably say I could’ve “burned water”, which is physically impossible but you know I am definitely capable of the impossible. It’s just a few months ago that I started to at least be able to follow a recipe correctly. When it came to following a recipe it was as if it were in another language or I was dyslexic when reading recipes. Sometimes I didn’t even have a recipe, all I had to do was one thing like brown hamburger. If my mom asked me to do that it was like she was asking me to cut my own hand off, it was that bad. Though little did I know I would be thrown into the world of Culinary Arts before I even knew what hit me.

The second semester of my Sophomore year it happened. I was taken out of my photography class and thrown into a culinary class. Well it was either that or computer programming so accidentally burning a few dishes is better than accidentally shutting down the school’s wi-fi. Now that may seem a bit extreme but that probably could have happened, I’m just THAT good.

My first day in Culinary Arts I think I developed some serious anxiety. Well it wasn’t that bad but it sure felt like it. Though I soon found out that the class wouldn’t be so bad. We were put into groups and that lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing that I wouldn’t have to do it alone. My group was just as bad at cooking as I was, so we played off of each other’s strengths and we made a good team. By the end we were getting pretty good at time management and plating, our food was getting pretty delicious as well. By the time summer came we had all made a few dishes by ourselves, which ended up great. So I guess it wasn’t too bad, especially now that I don’t “burn water.”

You’ll be proud to know that I can finally make dishes all by myself without something terrible happening. Just like a few nights ago when I made enchiladas. This summer I also made chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon roll apple pie, which both turned out great. Make sure to comment any recipes you’d like me try.



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