Primitive Technology

Alright, where do I start with such an awesome person who makes shelters as experiments and hobbies for fun and from nature? I remember first seeing one of his videos a while back on my mom’s Facebook page. I don’t remember what the specific name of the video was but it was along the lines of hut made from mud, or something like that. I remember watching the video in awe (I found it actually. You can watch it here). How awesome! He was taking things from nature, things from most people’s backyards in fact and creating so many beautiful things. I think that video may have been one of the moments in my life when something connected to me so much that I just had to do it in my own way. And now I am. I am planning my own off grid house, though a little more modern than the ones he creates. After that video I lost track of him until now, when on my YouTube recommended videos. I saw the very one that I had seen so many years ago. I now follow his blog and his YouTube channel and I think if you don’t even want to live off grid or in a mud hut in Australia, you would still enjoy his videos. He doesn’t talk in any of them but if you turn on the closed captions they give directions step by step. By watching more of his videos I am really inspired to build a hut of my own or make my own kiln and make pottery. Honestly he does just about everything so my possibilities are endless. I really suggest you check out his YouTube channel (here) and his blog (here). Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a couple of years, I am most likely just experimenting with my mud house.


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