Its Hard Writing

It has taken me 38 hours to write this post because I kept being distracted… Oh look there’s a squirrel! Sorry, got distracted again. One reason why it’s hard for me to write sometimes is because I have to think about something to write about but I can hear my family yelling, singing, screaming, or in a few cases even farting. But to be honest many times it’s not their fault, it’s my own. The reason why it’s my fault is because I am allowing myself to focus on other things. A few ideas you could use to help you from getting distracted are:

  • Move to a room that is less distracting
  • Play wordless music
  • Play music with headphones so you won’t distract anyone else
  • Ask others to use headphones
  • Wake up before others to get work done

These are some of the tips I use and I hope they work for you too. Thank goodness this post is done. Now I have to work on Saturday’s while I’m not distracted!


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