“Stranger Things” Season Review

Just like I promised, here I am with a season review of the amazing show “Stranger Things”. Also, just as I predicted the show ended up being amazing! Right now I am filled with three major emotions: anger, sadness and excitement. I will now explain to you why I am feeling this craze of emotions.


Anger. Why do people have to make such addictive shows? I mean it’s like a drug. I am completely addicted to this show. I NEED more episodes! I want to meet the cast. I want to buy ALL the things! I can’t wait for the next season to come out so that I can have MORE of what I need-episodes!


Sadness. Oh, how long I have to wait to be able to watch the next season! A whole month that feels like a year! It makes me sad that I can’t know what happens to the characters yet. What is coming next?


Excitement. Lastly, I am so gosh darn ready to watch the next season! I am super excited to see what happens next, how the cliffhangers pan out and how the characters change now the they think that life is “back to normal”.   


I won’t be giving any spoilers in this post either, I hate those, so I’ll just say why I like the show as much as I do. The first thing that brought me to the show was everyone else that had already watched it bragging on it. I don’t wish that it had been something different because to be honest I don’t think I could have found this show all on my own. I usually watch shows more like Bones, Supernatural, Psych, and iZombie. Well ok, maybe I would have found it sooner or later. 

I’m glad that I was introduced to the show because of how strange and unique the mind of the director must be. The characters and story are so well developed, each part having it’s own twist and adventure that all leads to a whole fantastic series. I love how you are able to see how El’s (one of the main characters) past helps her to become the person she has always wanted to be, a friend, a loved one and a hero. The relationship between the four main kids in astounding because it truly shows how kids would act when losing a friend but also making one as well.

The soundtrack is a whole other story. The show had all the right songs for all the right scenes. From the sad ones all the way up to the super intense ones packed full of action. It probably helps that I’m a fan of this genre of music too.

The whole show had all the right stuff for you to become addicted to it. I extremely recommend this show. I give five stars and a warning to viewers that you will most definitely get addicted. You will want to binge watch it so be prepared! Make sure that you are catching up or waiting ever so patiently so that you are able to watch the second season coming out on Halloween this October.   



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