Short Story Saturday

When we left off the female hedgehog tried to tell you some thing but you blacked out.

Part 3

When you start to wakeup you notice that you are lying on a warm bed so you sit up to look around the room you are in and you see the female hedgehog. When she sees that you are up she says “I was going to tell you that my name is Alice and my husband’s name is Gary but you blacked out before I could tell you anything”. You say “Animals talking is really weird for me sorry” Alice replied with a shrug. You didn’t think anything of it because you were still preoccupied  surveying the room. In the room you see a photo hung by a fire place. The photo has the stone bridge in it with Alice and Gary standing by while it was half built. After a few minute Alice left and came back with a tray of food. There was different types of “food” things on it like; frogs, bird eggs and stuff hedgehogs would eat. You try the different types of food because you were hungry. Alice came back into the room to get the tray and left a few minutes later. After an hour went by you got up and walked out the of the room. When you did you walked strait into Alice and Gary arguing about why Alice dragged you in their house. When they noticed that you were out of your room Gary asked who you were and what are you? You replied and said “I am ______________ ___________ (your name goes on the line) and I’m a human”. Gary asked you why you weren’t huge. “Because a big ball of light hit when it was coming out from under the stone bridge” you said. Gary and Alice looked at you then each other then said “Y-y-you know about the Bridge?” You replied, yes. Gary said that you should get out because you know of the stone bridge…To Be Continued!!!




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