Last Sunday we went kayaking down the Lynches River. Some general questions that “normal” people ask when you come back from a trip are questions like how much fun was it and what did you do? Well here are the answers to these everyday questions plus some bonus material.
This trip was not just fun it was awesome because we saw wildlife, we got to hang out with family and the weather was beautiful. Some things that we did were swimming, kayaking, “relaxing”, and just having a good time. We say “relaxing” because really most of the time we were trying not to be under trees or hit any trees.
Right around lunch time we decided to stop on a river bank to have lunch. While we were eating our sandwiches and oranges we were able to see little fish swimming up by our kayaks. They were so tiny, which of course made them adorable. After lunch is back onto the river for more kayaking.
One thing we learned about kayaking on the river is, to stay OUT from under the trees unless you want an arachnid crawling on you. Of course being the Nelson-Powell family we had to learn this the hard way. Luckily no one was bit but we got a little too close for comfort with our eight legged friends. Continuing our down river adventure we had some other wildlife encounters. We saw the tail of a river otter (we really don’t know how we were able to see the river otter because it should’ve heard us from a million miles away and would have been long gone) several turtles, which were so beautiful. We also saw a million and ten dragonflies, and if you were lucky a dragonfly would land on you (of course one landed on the back of my arm and I flipped out and almost died -sophia). One of the coolest things that happened on the trip involved the Littles. We think they may not even be our sisters and we’re switched at birth with mermaids because if they aren’t in the water they aren’t truly happy. So of course they had to take a dip in the river. It was really cool to see because we were sure they girls were going to be too scared to want to float around, but like usual they proved us wrong. When we came to the end of the trip Sophia caught a baby Leather Back turtle as  I pulled her kayak up on the river bank. When we were cleaning off our feet and heading back to the van Sophia got bitten by a lot of ants on her foot, ouch!

We really liked this trip even though there were some troubles that happened (spiders and ants). We hope you liked reading about our adventure down the Lynches River.

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