Working Out Outside

I love working out in morning and outside. This is because it’s not hot,  not many bugs, and being with nature is just good in general. Hearing the birds chirping and the slight breeze blow is really nice. First I do strenchs then I do my work out for the day. Sometimes I will listen to music and others I won’t because as you’ll be reading about in one of my upcoming posts, I can not stop dancing or doing something to the beat of the music. This kind of gets in the way when I’m working out because sometimes I’ll just lay there and tap my foot while being transported by the music. Though other times it really helps me work out because I’ll get tired when just listening to the birds sing and the wind blow so the music helps me stay on track. Working out everyday has made me really start looking at my body and how exercising is really effecting me. I know that you are probably saying “well duh of course your body is changing if you’re working out everyday”. Though the thing is that I didn’t think that it would happen to me because it seemed more like the thing that happened to other people or on social media or on an add for a diet program. With this I think I that might do body transformation photos once a week so that by January first (which is my goal date to be healthy and toned) I will have a time lapse of my body transformation. If you have any tips for me when I work out or think I should do a time lapse of my body transformation then please don’t hesitate to comment.

Stay healthy,


One Reply to “Working Out Outside”

  1. Hydrate well before and after you work out. Be sure to have a 5 min warm up period before you start exercising and a 5-10 min cool down at the end of your routine 😊


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