The Argument

A few days ago me and my stepmom, Erica got into an argument. It went a little like this;
E: “Sophia have you worked on your blog post?”
S: “Uh yeah…no.”
E: “Why not?”
S: audible sigh “Because there’s nothing to write about.”
E: “Well, what about your backup list?”
S: visibly irritated “Because I wrote everything on my back up list”
E: “Well brainstorm, and you know it’s really irritating when you’re told to do something you don’t want to do and you get this attitude.”
S: “Everyone gets an attitude when they don’t want to do something.”
E: “Well I don’t want to keep talking about this but I don’t have an attitude.”
S: “I didn’t ask to have this conversation.”
At this point Erica is straight faced and heading towards the door. Of course I feel really bad for making her mad and I know it was my fault, but being the hot headed teen I am, I didn’t show it. Erica mind you, was having a bad day already and was struggling to keep her composure and had to take a step outside. This made me feel worse, I made her go over the edge. I went straight to work on my roller rink blog post and wrote it with a few grumbles. I was going to go right back to watching the video I was watching but then thought, I have already caused enough trouble let’s work on more post’s for the future. I sat outside for quite some time and couldn’t think of anything and was getting mad again when a little voice in my head helped me remember something. We only have a limited time on this earth. Why waste it arguing and fighting when we can be loving each other and sharing smile? That is when I started to work on this. I want people to remember that we need to be more peaceful and happy and just be outright kind and loving beings. Sometimes I think about how the world is falling apart right in front of my eyes. From what I and other’s are doing, fighting and hating each other. We should be doing our part to make amends with our home. If we spent as much time helping and loving others as much as we did fighting and going to war and calling people ugly things, this place would be a utopia. So any time you feel like punching that rude barista in the face or throwing things in the trash that could be recycled or staring at your phone when you don’t want to interact with others, remember this post. Give the barista a big smile and block out the hate, do a little to help the earth, or tell a stranger that they look amazing. Spread the love ☮❤️

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