Hitting Golfballs

A few weeks ago I was at my grandparent’s house and my mom and dad were going to hit some golfballs. They asked if I wanted to try hitting some too and I said yes. We went to the backyard and the dogs followed. When we got out there my mom was the first one to hit the golfballs. When she hit one Ruthie and Rex (P.S. Rex is my grandparent’s dog) would run and go get the ball and run back. When they ran back they wouldn’t give it back to us until they laid down. My dad told me that I had to interlace my fingers and don’t let your eye off the ball when you swing the club. When I did that I didn’t miss the ball that much, at least. Ruthie always got the ball first because Rex is much shorter than Ruthie so of course Ruthie could get to the ball first. After we hit a few more balls we had to leave my grandparent’s house so we could eat dinner. I liked trying it out and it was fun to spend time with my parents. It was also fun watching the dogs run after the balls. They even tried getting the balls off the tees. I look forward to doing it again when we have more time. Well I hope you liked reading this post and I have two questions for you to answer in the comments. The question are: have you ever gone golfing before? If so, did you like it?


2 thoughts on “Hitting Golfballs

  1. In high school for gym class we golfed once or twice. It’s not for me. In all honesty I find it boring, lol. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like the dogs might have had the most fun 😊


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