Short Story Saturday

When we left off Gary kicked you out of their house because you know about the Stone Bridge.

Part 4

When you got outside Gary slammed the door locked all of the locks personally. After a few minutes the rain stops and you make your way to the Stone Bridge. An hour later you finally get to bridge you start to notice weird symbols on each stone that makes the bridge. When step on the first stone on the bridge it glowed white. After awhile the light glew super bright and you fell over when the light went away there stood a strange figure, a fairy maybe? It took a little bit for the fairy to notice you because she must have gotten teleported or something. But when she did notice you she tried to fly away but she couldn’t get past the bridge wall. She must be stuck on the bridge while the stone is lit up. After the fairy finally stopped trying to fly away she said “Sorry I tried. My name is Crysta  what is your name?” You replay and say ” My name is ______________ (your name goes on the line) and do you know why you are stuck on the bridge?” Crysta replied with a “Its probably has to do with shirking … you”. When you heard this you yelled “You were the light that shrunk me!!” Crysta said “Yes” after you were done yelling about it. All of a sudden a big cloud of dark red smoke appeared on the other side of the bridge. When the cloud started to disappear something stuck… To Be Continued!!


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