My Gift to Sophia

Sophia’s birthday was great, I even made her cake! You know, without burning the house down! When we were finally able to really celebrate her birthday I think I was more excited about it than she was. For her birthday present, I feel that I got her one of the exact things she asked for. I got her a purple fanny pack with her name sewn into it. I am super happy with how it all turned out and I loved her reaction even more. Celebrating her birthday was just in time for our trip to Disney World. She was able to carry her wallet and her autograph book without having to carry a purse (which she doesn’t like very much) but instead it was in her new purple fanny pack. Some of you may think that Sophia is just following the trend but I can tell you for sure that she isn’t. This is because even when everyone was saying things like “fanny packs are for old ladies” Sophia’s attitude to those comments was, “Well than I guess I’m an old lady!”. She has loved fanny packs for a long time and now she finally has one. The fanny pack wasn’t the only thing she got for her birthday I can assure you of that. Though it was the gift that I got her and I wanted to share the experience with you. If you have any memories of when you thought you gave the perfect gift please comment below.



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