The Dolphin Excursion

About two weeks ago we went on a dolphin excursion. We had to go on this big boat because we had to go into the open ocean. When we got on the boat we sat outside and the seats were all wet because of the excursion before ours. Before we left the dock the captain said that it was going to take at least a half an hour to get to the spot to see the dolphins. A few minutes after we left the dock we were at a rotating bridge. If you don’t know what a rotating bridge is well the bridge rotates (sorry I cant really explain it that well). When we passed the bridge we saw a light house that was dedicated to the governors of South Carolina. After awhile we made it to where you can see North and South Carolina, on one side of the boat was North Carolina and on ones side it was South Carolina, it was weird because we were in the middle of the water between them. After a few more minutes then we were at the spot in the ocean that the dolphins were at. When we got there you could see the dolphin’s backs and sometimes the face if you were lucky. We saw a lot of dolphins and I saw at least one dolphin’s face out of the entire trip. After minutes of being out there the captain turned around and started heading back. When we were heading back the captain said that people could go up and take pictures of you driving the boat. When we got up there some of the kids and some adults on the boat wanted to take pictures also. After we took our pictures we went back down to our seat and the captain said that if you were sitting outside you might get wet because the boat is going against the waves. We of course got a little wet because of the waves. When we got back to the dock the one man crew had to pull us to the dock and tie the boat down. When we got off the boat we were all happy that we saw some dolphins.

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