For my sixteenth birthday I received a lot of wonderful gifts: a fanny pack, a tapestry to hang in my room, watercolor paper and two watercolor palettes. I love painting, drawing and all forms of art in general. I most prefer to paint nature scenes and I have been making it a habit to paint everyday so I can see my personal growth. I have most recently painted a forest scene with a lighting strike in the background, a butterfly landing on a flower, trees, an elephant (that I can’t seem to find, but you may have seen it in one of my dad’s Facebook posts) and an ocean scene with a quote on it. My art process is based on my mood and the music I am listening to. If I am painting a moody or dark scene I will listen to slow strange music. When painting bright color scenes I’ll listen to an upbeat fast tempoed song (I usually end up listening to a Sugar Ray song).  The thing I love most about painting is how I can somehow almost perfectly translate my feeling into my art. When I think of my future, I like to think that maybe someday people will be buying my art because it speaks to them.


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