Short Story Saturday

When we left off a big cloud of dark red smoke appeared on the other side of the bridge and started to disappear.

Part 5

When the cloud started to disappear something that was in it stuck its black skeleton like hand through the smoke and said, “Who stepped on the stone to let my prisoner go?”. When Crysta heard this she got a scared look on her face and started to step backwards which makes you almost fall over. After a minute or two the creature’s hand grabbed onto something that wasn’t there and stepped out of the cloud of smoke. When he did this, the cloud of smoke disappeared and you could really get a good look at him. As the creature walked you could see it’s dark red eyes shining from beneath the shadows of it’s cloak, his body which was mainly made up of black bones, on his back were his black and red wings that dragged on the ground when he walked. When he stopped walking he ended up in front of the bridge. As the creature said “Well, well nice to see you too, Crysta”, he waved his hand and a staff. You noticed the staff was made of black thorny vines that have the same symbols that were on the bridge, it also has a dark red crystal on top that glows. Crysta replied with nothing but a look on her face. After a few minutes the creature noticed you and said “You must be the one that let out Crysta, Well anyway my name is Andromeda”. You reply, “Yes, I’m the one who stepped on the stone. Who else could? We are the only ones here!”. Andromeda looks at you and then says, “I know what you want, it’s written all over your face!” When he said this Crysta yelled, “Don’t listen to him or else he’ll do the same thing to you that he did to me!”. Just then Andromeda turns to you and Crysta and says… See what happens in Part 6

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