A Weekend With Dad

For a whole weekend it was just Dad and us kids. It had been awhile since mom left us home with dad, you can imagine the reasons behind that. Just to let you know the reasons aren’t that bad, it’s just that mom and dad are two different people when it comes to the house and parenting they do it differently when the other is away. With mom being home the most our schedules are mostly her way and not dad’s so things can be a little chaotic when mom isn’t home. Even when it was chaotic, we still had fun. We got to go to the beach and look for fossilized shark teeth. We only found two shark teeth but it was still an adventure. We made our way to the aquarium (In Charleston) and even though it was our second time around it was still pretty enjoyable and then dad had the good idea to eat out at a local shop. Finding it was the first battle of course. Our dad is really good with cameras and editing photos but besides that he can’t really function with electronics. So we did have a small problem finding our way but we made it. The food was great. It was funny watching dad try and get the girls food. He got them both separate pizzas and a fountain drink for each of them. When the girls didn’t finish their pizzas dad was like, “Hmm, probably should’ve had them share all that. Erica would have done it that way.” But the day was great because dad let us walk all around downtown and we also crashed two weddings, awesome right! While walking around downtown we found a field in front of a “civics center” thing ,but the field was filled with little kids Lawna’s age that just got done with peppa the pig marathon. We were about to leave the field when the littles wanted to go to the bathroom so we went into the “civics center” to go to the bathroom. After we went to the bathroom Lawna want to take a picture go down the stairs that were there until she got to the top when a security guard so she wanted to talk him. The next day we went to give food to the  people less fortunate than us at a blessing box and that made everyone feel really good.This weekend had turned out pretty good except for one thing that was bound to happen. Even with an evening of cleaning before mom came home. The house was still a mess and the car smelled like beach mixed with butt (is how mom explained it) when she came home. Though this is because mom has eagle eyes when it comes to cleaning the house. She doesn’t just tidy the house she, in our sense, deep cleans it but you can’t blame her because after it’s done the house has a sudden feel of total cleanliness to it, and dad just doesn’t do that. So cleaning house right when mom comes home is a given but we tried. Though you gotta love dad anyway.

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