Disney World Trip

Disney was an amazing experience. It doesn’t matter if you are forty, sixteen, or four you gotta love disney. Of course like good parents Sol and Erica surprised us at dinner, if you haven’t seen it already our Dad posted a video on Facebook about it. The trip there was nothing to crazy we slept most of the way, but things got more exciting before we were even able to check into our condo. We saw a little alligator and two predatory birds, one of them looked like it could rip off our faces with its giant talons. That night we ended up going to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Going at night made the trip a lot more enjoyable because during the day Florida feels like you’re in crematoria from Cronicals of Riddic. Seeing Cinderella’s castle as you walk in was indeed magic, especially at night. With all the lights shining on the castle and the music there was magic everywhere. One night we even got ice cream while we sat and watched the lights go on at the castle. Another night we got some special maple popcorn from the only station in Disney World who sells it and we had just happened upon it. The one thing that we think Disney World was really lacking, was the characters. With two days we dedicated twenty-four hours and we didn’t see many characters out and about. The ones that were out and about weren’t to ecstatic because it was way too hot and they didn’t want to sign any of our autograph books. We did meet a few Princesses which was nice. The Belle meet and greet was the by far the greatest. It showed some real Disney Magic, from magic mirrors to being transported to a castle. One of the things I really enjoyed (Sophia) was the Astro Blasters ride. A few days earlier Erica told us to look for Disney World secrets which I found out how to max my score in the Astro Blaster ride, and that’s exactly what I did. So now I can put into my resume that I am a Galactic hero. We almost rode all of the ride except for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which was suppose to be just like Thunder Mountain but that your seats would move side to side. So we didn’t really miss anything that important. We stayed until Disney had to kick us out, which was awesome! One night we actually were lucky enough to catch the last monorail, but it wasn’t really the last monorail they just say that to trick you to move faster so that they can get all the people out in less time. So when they say it is the last monorail just know that there is probably gonna be another one or you going to have to take the ferry. We hope now that you have read some of our adventures at Disney World that you are planning your trip to Disney to experience the Magic.



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