College Part Two

In the last post, I talked about the military and how it wasn’t my thing. Well now it just might be but only because of the financial situation. Since the first two years are the same for everyone no matter if you go to ivy league school or a community college, if I join the military they would pay for school and I could get a good job while I studied. I don’t know much about the situation but what I do know makes joining the military seem like a good idea. Even though I’ve been talking about college, what I’ll be doing and how I’ll be doing it, I don’t really have a grasp on that I’m going to be an adult soon. I really don’t want to, surprisingly. This is because I’ll have to take care of myself in a world I don’t actually know a lot about. Who knows, I might end up being a lion tamer or an astronaut. Maybe I’ll take a year and explore the world while I volunteer places, then go to school. Or maybe I won’t go to school at all. Right now I am getting many opinions on the subject of what I’ll be doing ten years from now. It is really making me think about the future, how nothing is guaranteed and that plans can change. I think that it’s good for everyone to know that, no matter where you are in life. If anyone has any stories about how their life has gone off  the path they thought it was to take, please comment. I’d love to hear the stories.


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