Observing Nature

While in Florida we decided to meet with Erica’s old friends, Melissa, Adam and their kids. We went to a restaurant called Chuy’s. It was really good actually. After we had finished our meal we went outside to enjoy Florida’s scorching heat. When we stepped outside I saw a plethora of lizards. I love reptiles, to the point where I fear it may be an obsession. So of course without thinking I tried to catch one to look at and admire. It took me awhile but I caught one. That’s when I got a feeling I never felt before when handling animals. I felt so so sorry for plucking that poor lizard from it’s home and holding it a million miles from the ground. I went over to show everyone. We all really enjoyed looking at it but I could tell by the look on it’s face that it was extremely uncomfortable. I let it go and then felt much better. I looked around and noticed that my little sisters and Melissa and Adam’s kids were now on the prowl, terrifying any lizard that crossed their paths. I did my best to try and sway them away from catching them but instead watch them in their natural habitat. This of course didn’t work because when a Little has it in their head that they want to do something they will do it. Then I got the thought that they were following after my example so just give them a new example and they will follow it instead. So I plopped down in front of a lizard and sat. Then Parker came and sat with me, “Whatcha doing?” he asked. “Observing nature,” I replied, “It’s much cooler than ripping them from their homes.” So now Parker was sitting with me, silently appreciating nature in all it’s untouched glory. “You really get to see more of the lizard this way.” He whispered. I smiled and silently agreed. The lizard had now got into a comfortable position and was watching us. By sitting still and letting the lizard do what it wants, I got to see so much more. More lizards started coming out. I could pick out different personalities in the lizards. And when they were done they would leave in peace. We eventually moved to a new position. Soon the Littles wanted to join us and sit. Jocelyn was the best at being patient I think. She just sat and watched the little lizard and I think that it really took to her. We watched this lizard the longest. He was so brave. He would hop from peg to peg on the small fence that separated us. Giving us each a good look. In the end we had to say goodbye. I promised myself that I would practice observing nature more often. I think more people should practice too. You can learn so much by just watching and listening to your surroundings, it probably has a lot to say.


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