I Bought a Cello!

I have loved the cello for a very long time. I love the sounds the cello makes, it’s relaxing but also transporting and exciting. The cello doesn’t just play classical music. The cello can play lots of different types of music like the blues or rock. I know, I know you really want me to talk about the title………… (pause for dramatic effect) YES! I bought I cello and it’s an amazing feeling to finally have it. Now, just to let you know this post will be a short one because I have to write this blog post before I can play it. Also I wanted to let all of you need on how I was feeling before I played the cello for the first time. I’m sure my parents are going to be posting about and so are we. To get this cello was surprisingly not very hard but very nerve racking. The whole thing really starting when one day I just decided that I was definitely going to play the cello and told my mom I wanted one. Of course she told me that if I really wanted one then we would make room for one but I had to pay for it. That’s when I started looking for a cello. Do you know how expensive a cello is?! More than a thousand dollars! Well for a new one that is and that’s just the cello. With that said Craigslist become my primary source for looking for a cello. I was so happy when I found a cello in ok shape for a hundred dollars. Sadly it was not meant to be, but then I found one for one hundred and fifty dollars. Also that one was not meant to be, but then there was one. A cello in perfect condition and man did it have it all. This cello came with a bow, a hard case, a soft case, a learner’s book, extra strings, rosin for the bow, and even a tuner. I know you may be thinking ‘oh she is going to say that this cello wasn’t meant to be either’ but, guess what,  it was! That is the very cello I got. All it costed was a trip to Colombia, SC and two hundred-seventy-five dollars. Some may think that is a lot of money to pay for cello that you might not even like playing. I was willing to pay that much because I want the experience. I wanted the feeling of accomplishment the first time I played that cello. So now I am off to do just that, play the cello for the first time. Wish me luck.





I didn’t even have to pay all 275 dollars because i got the price knocked down to only 225. The guy selling it was very nice. He just needed the money to help pay for a test his wife to finish getting her psychology degree. What a coincidence, right?

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