The Snow Child, By Eowyn Ivey

“The Snow Child”. An emotional rollercoaster about a couple living on their homestead in Alaska. Nearing fifty Mable and her husband Jack have never been further apart, and the bleak Alaskan winters and the constant guilt of losing their child aren’t helping. Maple was once a young woman with her life laid before here in a upper class family things seemed perfect, until she meets a farm boy named Jack. He brings out the true in her.

Set in the 1920’s Maple and Jack struggle to keep their marriage alive and not lose their minds in the complete solitude they live in. One winter night Maple has had enough and tries and lighten their moods. Together her and Jack make a snow girl, their dream child. The next morning the snow child is gone and in it’s place are footprints leading into an unforgiving woods. That’s when they meet Faina, a child who seemed to be ripped straight from a fairytale book, living in the wilds of the Alaskan bush. The child brings Maple and Jack even closer than they thought possible while at the same time forcing them to face who they truly are.

The Snow Child was an exceptional book and it was amazing to see a fellow Alaskan have a work of their art far from home. This book was amazing, I couldn’t put it down. It took me on a fantastic ride of hope, fear, and the power of second chances. Throughout this book I became very suspicious of weather this child Jack and Maple are seeing are signs of cabin fever or truly a child who lives in the woods and survives on her own. I think this book is perfect for everyone. It has the perfect touch of a mystery, comedy and suspense, not knowing what is waiting for you on the next page. It is a more advanced read so I would say like 10 years or older. Reading this fueled my passion to live out doors and rely on the land. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. SO what are you waiting for? Go grab your car keys and drive to your nearest bookstore or library!


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