Short Story Saturday

When we left off Andromeda turned to you and Crysta and says…

Part 6

When Andromeda turns to you and Crysta and says something that you don’t understand. When he says this the bridge starts to disappear while the trees start to turn black losing all of the leaves and mountains starts to grow from the ground. When everything stops moving Andromeda looks at you and says ” If you want to back to normal you and Crysta have to get through this gray wasteland you humans have created and as for you Crysta if you get through this alive I might let you and your village go.”. After he said this a cloud of smoke appeared and as he walk into the smoke backward he says “Beware my Experiments”. When the cloud disappeared you say to Crysta “Did he just give us a tip”. When you say this you look a Crysta and see a scared face looking behind you as she says “Yyyes”. After she says it worried you look behind you and see what she was so worried about. What you see behind you is a skeleton like rat with orange eyes and razor sharp craws. A few minutes later you find your self running from this rat that must have been one of Andromeda’s experiments. When you start to get out of breath you notice Crysta going towards a little cave like thing so you follow her and run into the cave. After you get into the cave the rat tried to get to the cave but… The Story Continues In Part 7

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