Breakfast with friends

Earlier this week we met up with friends of our Dad’s and followers of our blog, Nikki and Ken. We met with them at a restaurant named Cracker Barrel, for breakfast. None of us had ever been there before so it was great to be able to try something new with them. While we were ordering Nikki taught us a cool way to pick something on the menu if you what to try something different. So it went like this, you just open the menu and wherever your eyes land on first is what you order. After everyone ordered their food Nikki asked us about our books and how homeschool was going. Of course we our answer to homeschool was that it’s going great, but then we start talking about our books and that was a bit longer conversation. We all talk and talk and talk. Though it wasn’t just about our book, we talked about homeschool, art, the blog, movies, and what we are into right now. We had a lot to talk about but, we weren’t the only ones. Nikki and Ken told us all about their adventures now that the kids were all grown up and out of the house. Just like our parents they wished they had made the jump to travel more when their kids were younger. We also heard stories about what their kids are up to now and how that have got to this point. The stories about when their kids were getting ready for college was really eye opening especially for Carlee. Nikki’s and Ken’s RV was homey and small for our family. They showed how everything worked and it really was cute. Even though we only went I got he RV for a tour we ended up staying in there to talk and mingle, we also took an awesome selfi. It was getting closer to our time to leave and so we said our good byes and we looked forward to seeing them in the future. Nikki and Ken gave us a lot of wisdom and we really appreciate that. It was really nice being able to talk to them and hear their stories and their constructive criticism on our work. Nikki and Ken if your reading this thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend with us. We love you guys and look forward to hearing about you latest adventure!


2 Replies to “Breakfast with friends”

  1. How lovely to read details of our breakfast together. Makes me sorry that neither Ken nor I are blogging, or even journaling about our travels. Of course we will always remember our shared breakfast with you, but the details were quickly being buried under days of adventures. Also, Ken was trying to solve the mystery of which one of you wrote the post, and I reminded him of the whole conversation on how the weekend posts are done collectively, and how you guys are devising and fine tuning how all 3 contribute to the post equally. I then told him it is just like voices in an a capella group. Marvilla Davis, the director of the Alaska Chamber Chorale, worked very brilliantly with her singers so you couldn’t identify a single voice, only the collective sound.
    When we left you after breakfast with you, it was a long, L-O-N-G day of driving, arriving at Virginia Beach after dark. We still had no plans on how to explore Virginia, but knew an overpriced KOA in an even more overpopulated area wasn’t on the list. It’s a good thing we couldn’t get a spot in my first choice campground. We would have headed to rural Virginia, and would have missed falling in love with the Peninsula, or getting to tour NASA Langley Research, which is open one day every 5 years. Also, Colonial Williamsburg is amazing. I had to get a book and read the history because it is such an unbelievable situation. I just wish we had taken at least another day to explore it.

    There have been a few nerve wracking situations, and days without showers, but overall we are still excited about RV exploring. Having to adapt our plans while here in West Virginia. It’s on the edge of winter and most campgrounds have shut down for the season. Plus, the backroads are really small, sometimes turning into one lane, and low bridges. So, we’ve found a place to plant the RV for the week, have gotten a rental car, and are keeping an overnight bag in the car with us. Oh, and the RV Campground has WiFi, so we are getting to catch-up on things.


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