5 benefits of Homeschooling

I have been in public school for 15 years of my life. Sixteen now, I am learning a whole new and different way of learning! There are a lot of misconceptions about homeschoolers that are simply not true. Homeschoolers can’t socialize like normal kids… First of all, who wants to be “normal”? And second I can totally socialize, even though I don’t prefer to I am pretty good at holding a conversation. Homeschoolers aren’t actually doing school work, they just lay around all day in their pajamas… Well only part of this is true. I do spend most of my time in my pajamas. What? They’re comfy. I work on school just as hard and sometimes harder than kids in public school. I won’t lie, I was once a non-believer too. Anyway back to the topic at hand. Five benefits of homeschooling.

1. I make my OWN curriculum

By being homeschooled I am able to tailor my personal classes to fit my learning style. I can take as long as I need to in order to learn the material. If I find a preferred learning method I can choose to learn in that particular way. My siblings and I use Teaching Textbooks for math. They choose to listen to the lesson and visually watch the problems in front of them. I have learned that I personally excel by reading the problems and solving them on paper. On the other hand I am able to work on my Spanish much better online. It’s all up to me, I get to call the shots.

2. It’s fun!

We were doing an ocean unit last month and we were able to go to an aquarium as part of our lessons. I know what you’re thinking, okay so you say you’re doing “school” when really you’re just going on fun trips to the aquarium to hang out, well you would be right. Partially. We got to have lots of fun and we hung out but I learned so many things. Scientific names of animals, fun facts about sharks, the anatomy of a manta ray. We got to learn the history of our ocean, what we are doing to our ocean and the future of what our ocean may become. And I also discovered people that are not homeschooled are very skeptical that we (homeschoolers) are learning anything. We did a roller coaster unit, and during that time I got to thinking what other people would think if they heard we were learning about roller coasters. Well we learned everything from the history of roller coasters to the physics behind them and our little sisters learned all about gravity.

3. I finish my school day faster

On average kids spend about six hours in school. My family can knock out all of our subjects in three. We could spend six hours learning our lessons but we want to be doing things! We wake up at 7:00 am, not because we were told because we want to. We get right to work on our lessons so by the time ten o’clock rolls around we can be doing the things we want to do. Sometimes I really don’t want to do school so I will finish later but my day is not wasted, I still have time to spend with my family.

4. No more “Absorb, Regurgitate, Repeat”

I teach myself most of my curriculum, so I am forced to actually learn things. I used to just take notes and not really retain the information. I would memorize those notes and regurgitate it for a quiz. I am learning a lot more by homeschooling. But remember, I am not a genius and just because I am homeschooled doesn’t make me smarter than someone in public school.

5. I learn from everyone and everything

Even though my sisters are six and four we are able to teach each other things. I am able to learn how to do my taxes when I grow up by watching my parents. I can relearn things when I help my younger brother with his problems. Homeschooling is also not just Math, Science, English and Social Studies. I learn how to communicate with people, I can read a situation better and I am not so shy anymore.

One last thing, don’t forget, don’t have unrealistic expectations of homeschoolers. I am human. Just because I am homeschooled doesn’t make me a human calculator. I am going to make mistakes, I am not the best at spelling and I get frustrated doing my math. And no it’s not a religion thing, not that it’s a bad thing but don’t think that all stereotypes are true in homeschoolers.

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