New Duck Hunt Scores

P.S. I know it’s a Saturday but I really wanted to put this post out today instead of Wednesday because I think it would be out of order

So as you know we are at a family friend’s house and they have duck hunt. So I started playing it and after awhile I beat all three high scores. Just to tell you they still haven’t beat my high scores. I really liked playing Duck Hunt because I just like old games and old game systems. Another reason why I really liked playing duck hunt is because I have never played duck hunt before!

When I was play Duck Hunt Sophia told me about a video she watched witch was about a little boy who got duck hunt and something bad happened: So watch this video: To the Video

Scores For Duck Hunt

  • 1 Duck-203,800
  • 2 Ducks-81,300
  • Clay Shooting-26,000

If you have a version of Duck Hunt try to beat my scores and leave a comment on this post if you beat my scores. Thanks and Bye.


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