Weekend trips

We decided to test how fast we could pack when got a call that our grandpa wasn’t doing so good. Approximately, it took us about half an hour to get all our stuff and be in the car. Expect there was an extra half an hour just for Sol to finish getting ready. We have been teasing him about for the past few days. We all agreed that the ride to Iowa wasn’t as bad as the first time we did it. That’s probably because now we just deal with the fact that there isn’t much space for seven people. Though driving for 15 hours straight when you just got up at 6 in the morning wasn’t very fun. Our dad was so close to killing over and it didn’t help that we were all complaining about how our butts hurt. So we decided to look for a hotel to stay at . Of course all of the hotels in Kentucky had no rooms available so we spent an extra hour looking for someplace to sleep. Finally we found a place that had one room left and allowed dogs, but it was probably the most shady place we have ever slept in. It was a lodge that looked more like a motel. When we got into our room we all tried not to think about what this place would look like under a blacklight. We woke up bright and early the next day to get a good head start on our day. We reached our Grandfather’s house and Erica went to check on him while we said our hello’s to the Decosters. Kristy (mom of the decosters) made us a delicious dinner and after we hung about watching movies. The dinner was a veggie soup with pork line in it, there was mashed potatoes and corn bread. Sophia loved the corn bread. After staying with the Decosters for the night we decided to go swimming at the hotel we would be staying at that night. Though the next exciting thing we did was get to go and stay at our Illinois family’s house. The ride wasn’t too long and it was great to see them again, but we’re not going to give any spoilers for next sunday’s post. Make sure you check it out!

– Kiddos

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