Movies to watch this Halloween

Here’s my list of movies you should watch this Halloween

Train to Busan
This movie isn’t for everyone especially people who don’t like reading subtitles, but let me tell you this is one of my all time favorite zombie movies. The movie is basically about a father trying to reconnect with his daughter. She wants to go Busan for her birthday to see her mother. Her father takes her to Busan by train but while leaving a zombie outbreak spreads. A thrilling suspenseful movie chalked up with the perfect amount of gore.

The New Daughter
A father and his two kids are trying to mend a broken bond when their mother leaves them for a new boyfriend. Louisa the daughter is having the hardest time adjusting to their new home. While adventuring around she discovers a mysterious mound and is drawn to it. She begins to change and her father begins to question what is really happening to his daughter. This movie was great and had an amazing plot twist at the end.

This movie is not a 10/10 for plot but is really for the gore seekers. The plot of the movie is about a man named Frank who gets mixed up with some dark magic and gets sucked into Hell. Frank’s brother and his family move into their old home and when his brother gets cut on a nail the blood awakens Frank and he escapes from the underworld. Most of the movie is from the point of view of Frank’s niece and her trying to send her uncle back to where he belongs. Disclaimer this movie is not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

This new edition to Netflix was an awesome find. Taking place in you guessed it 1922 a man named Wilfred murders his wife to keep his farmland. After the murder things begin to spiral out of control. Plagued with visions of his dead wife and rats. The movie is told through Wilfred’s confession. This movie was amazing and I was on edge for the whole movie.

Stranger things season 2
Oh my goodness. Why don’t they make more episodes of this show? If you haven’t seen season one I have no idea what you’re doing with your life but it’s probably not as amazing as sitting your butt on a comfy couch and start watching all nine episodes in one day. I honestly don’t want to say anything about this season because this is something you must experience for yourself. I give it an 11/10

Enjoy your Halloween and be safe guys!


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